I've become a Bag Lady

No, not in the context you think.

Apparently I've become obsessed with MAKING bags.  :)

My sister "commissioned" me to make her some fabric produce bags a few weeks back, and she loved them so much she asked for more.

Here's a few pics of the final products:

Then, I decided I wanted to make myself a small wallet/card holder.  I "morphed" a few patterns into one and came up with this as the final design.

One of my next projects will be a t-shirt quilt made from all of the t-shirts my mom saved as I was growing up.  These are some of my favorites.  They are the camp shirts we made in Girl Scout Day Camp.  Talk about a trip in the way-back machine.

Happy Sewing!


PS: Is anyone reading this?  If so, what would YOU like to see about my projects?  I've kept it simple so far...but do you want "in progress" pics, more explanations of how I made the projects?  Give me some input on how you think I can improve this blog!  :)

Knitting Catch-Up

Good evening friends!

I thought I'd take a little time and catch you all up on my projects.  My last knitting project update was July 22, 2012! (Really???  Holy Wow!  What a slacker!)

At that time I had just finished the Gray Skies Lacy Cardigan (Hey Teach! pattern by Helene Rush of Knitty), and I'm happy to say I'm still wearing and loving it!  It's the perfect cool weather throw-on to chase the chill away.  I've dressed it up with a nice peasant skirt and button down blouse, and dressed it down with jeans and a t-shirt.  Either way, it's still a winner!  If you're looking for an easy, multitasking, long-wearing project, that's the one!

Since then, I've done a LOT of knitting, just apparently not a lot of blogging!

Here are some FO's in no particular order! (click on titles for links to my Ravelry project page for specifics on each project).

Matt's Got The Blues:   My hubby loves blankets.  The snugglier the better.

SugarPlum's Rainbow…

Welcome to Sticks and Strings and Sewing Things!

Hi there!  Some of you may know me already from my other blog, The Road From There to Here, where I blog about my infertility, faith journey, marriage and other daily ramblings.  I have tried to incorporate some of my knitting and DIY projects there, but they seem to take focus away from the original intent of that blog; my journey on the "Road from There (infertility, depression, questioning, weight issues) to Here (still infertile but working on it, working through my depression, my growing faith and getting healthy).

So, here is my new knitting / sewing / crafty / DIY trials, errors, successes and failures!

I've got a lot of posts in the works, so stay tuned the next few days for the first few adventures on "Sticks and Strings and Sewing Things"!

Craft on!