I've become a Bag Lady

No, not in the context you think.

Apparently I've become obsessed with MAKING bags.  :)

My sister "commissioned" me to make her some fabric produce bags a few weeks back, and she loved them so much she asked for more.

Here's a few pics of the final products:

Reusable grocery bag, pattern based off a plastic grocery bag

I love that this folds/rolls up, throw a ponytail holder around it and it's compact and portable!

I wasn't very happy with this zipper, but it works for now.  I've since come across some tutorials on how to better install zippers.

These are all made from leftover fat quarters, with some plain satin ribbon as the drawstring.

I just love the fabric designs I found!

Then, I decided I wanted to make myself a small wallet/card holder.  I "morphed" a few patterns into one and came up with this as the final design.

One of my next projects will be a t-shirt quilt made from all of the t-shirts my mom saved as I was growing up.  These are some of my favorites.  They are the camp shirts we made in Girl Scout Day Camp.  Talk about a trip in the way-back machine.

Happy Sewing!


PS: Is anyone reading this?  If so, what would YOU like to see about my projects?  I've kept it simple so far...but do you want "in progress" pics, more explanations of how I made the projects?  Give me some input on how you think I can improve this blog!  :)


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